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Dog Toys

Published on 8th February, 2021

We all like to think of our pets as ‘one of the family’ and as such, like to make them feel loved and at home. Some accessories, like a collar or a hutch, are basic necessities, whilst others, such as a multitude of outfits or a spa-style activity, could be seen as slightly less than ‘essential’.

Here at NAWT, we thought it would be interesting to look back at how pet accessories have changed over the last five decades…

Published on 25th January, 2021

The National Animal Welfare Trust pick up a lot of poop – 77,000 bags annually to be precise. It’s a tall order to keep things clean and tidy with that many dogs across five centres, which is why we’ve decided to help.

Beco will now be providing the NAWT with eco-friendly dog poop bags. As a vital animal welfare charity, we thought it’d be a good idea to help like-minded organisations who share the same values and, above all else, love pets just like us.

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