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Save the lives of puppies like Robin with our Big Give Christmas Challenge Appeal

Robin arrived at NAWT earlier this year, when he and his three littermates were dumped outside the gate of our HULA centre and left to fend for themselves.

The animal care team made the distressing discovery of four incredibly sick puppies when they arrived to work that morning. It was clear to see all four puppies were fighting for their lives, and battling something very serious. An urgent vet check confirmed everyone’s worst fears; every puppy had parvovirus and they were so sick, there was a very big chance they may all die overnight.

Against the odds, all four puppies pulled through that first night and very slowly three of them, including Robin, began to gather strength. Sadly, Robin’s brother Basil who was the smallest of the litter, only deteriorated and despite every effort from the vet to help him, he lost his fight a few days later.

This was a devastating blow to everyone who worked so hard to preserve the lives of these young pups, and a steely determination set in to make sure no more of them lost their fight.

We shared the story of these poorly pups far and wide, and in response, you saved their lives! You sent overwhelming support and in doing so, ensured that Basil will never be forgotten because your donations in his memory, which saved his siblings lives, will be his lasting legacy.

The horrors Robin experienced in those early weeks of his life can be understood only in our imaginations, but you took him from the brink of death to a healthy future, filled with happiness.

He is now enjoying a wonderful life with a loving, responsible owner. Thanks to you, he will never go through such hardship ever again - that’s the incredible difference your support makes.

From this Giving Tuesday (3rd December) until Midday on 10th December you can make your donation to save the lives of pets like Robin go even further! Every donation to our Christmas Challenge appeal with the Big Give will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you. Please give what you can during this fantastic time to give, and watch a £5 gift turn into a £10 donation!

The link to our Christmas Challenge appeal on the Big Give website is live now, but please wait until Midday on 3rd December to donate. Click here to give.

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