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Remember a Charity Week - How gifts in Wills help homeless animals

Put simply: our charity would not survive without gifts in Wills.

They make up over 55% of our income, making it easy to see how much NAWT Rehoming centres rely on legacies to continue helping homeless and abandoned animals find their second chance in life.

There is a common misconception that only very wealthy people leave their favourite charity a gift in their Will, but this is not true.

The legacies we receive at NAWT differ hugely in size from £100 to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Every single one is equally important in making an enormous difference to the lives of homeless animals, and is very much appreciated.

To learn more about leaving a gift in your Will, please click here.

Here are just a couple of examples of ways in which generous NAWT supporters have saved an animal’s life with a gift in their Will.


Poor Tulip was dumped at the gates of our Bedfordshire rescue centre, filthy, emaciated, terrified and confused.

An emergency visit to the vet informed us that she had been extremely overbred and was suffering with tumours, which would require extensive surgery to remove five lumps.

She was prescribed regular eye drops for a painful eye infection that had been causing her problems. Her rotting teeth demanded immediate dental surgery, resulting in the removal of the majority of her teeth, and her matted fur was in such a dreadful condition that it all had to be shaved.

In total, £1,250 was spent on veterinary treatment to bring Tulip back to good health. This is money that the charity simply wouldn’t have available to spend on an abandoned dog like Tulip, without your generous support and the kind gifts people choose to leave NAWT in their Will.

After six months of rehabilitative treatment, Tulip finally left NAWT with a full bill of health and embarked on the most special of journeys, with a new owner and a loving forever home.

Without the necessary treatment and care, Tulip wouldn’t have survived her ordeal.


Following an accident with his family’s young autistic son, poor kitten Pumpkin was left with injuries to his eye, which required urgent veterinary care. An assessment confirmed that it had ruptured and unfortunately, there was nothing more the vet could do to save the eye, so a procedure was scheduled to remove it.

Understandably, Pumpkin’s family had to make the difficult decision to find him a new home to avoid any future accidents. So at just six weeks old, he arrived at NAWT. The trauma from this ordeal had left Pumpkin very frightened, and he was still so young, so Centre Manager Lizzie took him home to monitor his recovery.

Over the next two months, Lizzie spent every evening nursing Pumpkin, administering eye drops and ensuring he recovered quickly from his surgery.

Soon Pumpkin began demonstrating that the loss of one eye wasn’t going to slow him down. He started getting into all kinds of mischief as he learnt to climb, and discovered where all the best foods were kept!

Pumpkin grew in confidence during his time with Lizzie and it wasn’t long before he was ready to be rehomed to a loving family.

Pumpkin's care amounted to £456 in total, of which £239 paid for his vital eye operation. Without treatment and rehabilitation, Pumpkin would have suffered prolonged pain and would not have rediscovered his playful personality.

Some people believe that smaller gifts don’t make enough of a difference. This is simply not true. A residuary gift of just 1% can make an enormous difference. Whilst it may not seem enough to make a change in the world, for one lonely animal like Tulip or Pumpkin, it is enough to transform their entire world.

To find out more about how you can leave a legacy to give the animals in our care a second chance, click here.

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