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Re-homing month: NAWT happily-ever-afters

Throughout the start of October, we've had some lovely updates and said goodbye to some of our longer stay residents.

Fudge the overweight terrier

Gorgeous Fudge, who came into our care almost 10kg overweight, has found his forever home! His new family will help him on his journey to full health and we can't wait to hear about all the adventures he goes on! 


Aza the heartbroken bunny

After 10 long months, gorgeous bunny Aza has finally found his lucky break! He arrived in our care after his companion bunny sadly passed away. Our dedicated Somerset team worked hard to pair him with another compatible female, however she sadly passed away too. Thankfully, a loving family have taken Aza home to pair with their established female and help mend his broken heart.


Raffa and Holly stick together

We're thrilled to share the news that bonded pair Raffa and Holly, who came into the care of our Berkshire centre earlier this year after their previous owner passed away, have settled in extremely well in their new home!


Beth the quirky Collie

Quirky Collie Beth has found her forever home after a long stint at our Cornwall centre! We're pleased to say she's enjoying her home comforts and having a bit of fuss on her terms.


Clyde the misunderstood stray

After nearly three years, Clyde has found his forever home. He was a petrified, nervous dog when he arrived at our Clacton centre, but after some love, TLC and lots of snacks, he soon became part of the NAWT family. He has taught us that some things really are worth waiting for.


Callie the energetic cross

After 141 days, gorgeous girl Callie is now enjoying her life in Essex.


Oliver the loving rabbit

HULA said goodbye to Oliver the rabbit. He is setting into his new home and has bonded with his new brother Rocket.


Millie the abandoned Boxer

Gorgeous Millie was sadly abandoned at a vet after her owner decided she was no longer wanted. At the grand old age of nine, her new owners are totally smitten, as is Millie! Loving life and getting all the TLC she deserves.


Shep and his rickerty legs

Another quirky Collie success, Shep has been in new home for a few weeks now. We’re very pleased to say he has settled in well with his new owner. He is now stress free and enjoying off the lead running free in their small holding. He underwent surgery on his back legs while in our care.


Pebbles the nervous lurcher

Pebbles the lurcher was a nervous girl at our Watford centre. Thankfully since going to her forever home, a cheeky side has been discover! We have been told she’s doing great and she is ‘mischievous and very loving’!


Betty the baby PomChi

Betty arrived in our care at 14 weeks old. At this age, puppies should be full of enthusiasm for life and getting up to all kinds of mischief but Baby Betty had a host of insecurities which made it difficult for her to form friendships with people and dogs. 

Betty went home on foster with one of our animal care assistants so she could learn and relax in a home environment. Day by day she grew in confidence; she made human best friends, started to play with other dogs and developed a passion for stealing stocks! However, she did remain fearful of new people and her insecurities meant she was worried her friends would be taken away from her. 

We were delighted when we found a forever home for Betty with people who would offer her the patience, TLC and one-on-one attention she needed to blossom. We spent many visits getting to know her new parents and her new home so that the transition from foster to forever home was as smooth as possible. Betty’s confidence grew immensely and she now adores her walks at the beach, playing with her toys and causing all kinds of mischief.

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