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Re-homing month: NAWT’s approach to rehoming

One of NAWT’s main roles is running a community rescue and rehoming service for domestic pets in six centres across the south of England.

In practice this involves taking in animals from a variety of places – sometimes strays from dog wardens or neighbours, other times beloved family pets who have been handed over due to a change in circumstances – and help them find a loving new home.

1. We place animal welfare at the heart of everything we do 

When we take in an animal, we treat every single one as an individual, providing care plans and training tailored to their needs. This includes veterinary consultations, food, exercise and accommodation.

All our centres operate the Open Paw programme, a ground-breaking approach to kennel and cattery welfare that ensures pets like Bernie, the nervous lurcher, receive the best possible experience while staying with us so that they prepared for the smoothest transition into their new home.

2. We never put a healthy animal to sleep

We never put a healthy animal to sleep’ has been part our values from the start. We don’t set time limits on how long it takes to home an animal and will work with animals with problem behaviours in order to address the underlying causes of those behaviours and find suitable homes where their behaviour can be managed.

We know that sometimes this means the wait for the right home can be a long one for some of our animals, like it is for Buddy and Cfur, but when the right owner comes along, we kow the wait will have been worth it.

3. We care even after adoption day

Caring for our animals is always at the forefront of our mind and, true to our values, we never stop caring. Should a new owner need any help or advice once they have re-homed a pet from an NAWT centre, then we are there for them.

And should new owners have a change in circumstance, even some years down the line, then we are there for them, and will willingly take the animal back. This is what happened to Paddy at our Somerset Centre.

4. We’re there for owners who have to give up their pets

Should your living or financial circumstances change, and you are no longer able to take care of your pet, then please get in touch with your local NAWT branch, where they will do all they can to help.

Contacting a rescue centre for help in giving up a pet is a very responsible decision to make. NAWT runs a specialist counselling service through ALLY which means we’re specially trained to help people going through this heart-wrenching process. 

Of course, we have limited space at each centre but if our accommodation is full, we will provide help and advice in the meantime and put you on a waiting list until a vacancy comes up. Find out more here.

5. We rehome animals thanks to you

NAWT does not receive any money from local authorities or Government to operate its rehoming services – we are completely dependent on the generosity of our supporters to continue the work we do for homeless pets.

If you'd like to help us find more homes for animals like Sooki, Sasha, Bailey and Ruby who are still waiting for their homes, please donate today.

Did you know you can sponsor NAWT animals while they await their forever homes? 

While the emphasis at all our centres is on short-term care and successful rehomings,  sometimes some animals end up staying with us for much longer periods of time. 

NAWT’s sponsorship scheme is aimed at supporting these longer-term pets such as Paddy the dog, who is based at our Somerset Centre. The 12-year-old beagle has been living at Heaven’s Gate Farm for three years in a kennel dubbed Paddy’s Palace.

Arriving at the centre when his owner suddenly passed away, Paddy has not had successful rehomings so far.

Paddy enjoys kennel life, especially the other dogs, and he plays an important role in helping staff test the social skills of new arrivals when they first come to Heaven’s Gate. 

Paddy’s sponsors enjoy regular updates and an exclusive invitation to a private Facebook Group where they receive videos and photos showing his daily life. Among Paddy’s sponsors are relatives of Paddy’s previous owner who enjoy staying in touch with the dog. 

Animal sponsorship starts from as little as £2 a month and covers a wide range of species from birds to cats. For more information, please contact your NAWT local centre or visit their Facebook pages.  

Above: Paddy


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