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Putting the spotlight on dog recall

Walking your dog this summer might be regarded as a relaxing way of spending time and yet it could have the opposite effect if you like to let your dog off lead, according to the survey we carried out with Dogs Today magazine. 

And while nearly everyone who entered our survey said they had a way to call their dog back to them when they were off lead, one in five admitted they had lost their dog while out on a walk. 

These shocking findings have prompted us to host a week-long spotlight on training tips and advice to help people brush up on their recall which starts today.

Follow our Facebook page for information about our live dog training session at 10.30am tomorrow (Tuesday 7th), get information from our free advice sheet, share your stories on recall tips and look out for the recording of our popular webinar with Nando Brown, Jo-rosie Haffenden and Dean Nicholas of the Canine School of Science. 

“Walking off lead allows gives dogs the freedom to run, play and explore; being able to recall your dog and to regularly keep that training up, is just as important for both the safety of your dog and others around you. And if you can’t safely do it, there is nothing wrong with just keeping your dog on the lead,” said Clare Williams, NAWT CEO.

National Animal Welfare Trust conducted the survey in conjunction with Dogs Today magazine earlier this year. To find out more about our survey findings, read our blog post from May

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