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Puppy's dream to run on the beach could be a reality

We're thrilled to share the news that beautiful French Bulldog puppy Ernie, who faced life-changing surgery to correct a serious problem with his hind legs is recovering well.

The 10-month-old was relinquished to our Clacton centre earlier this year, because his owners could no longer cope.

Ernie has a condition in his hindlegs which causes him pain and reduces his mobility, something very frustrating for a young dog who wants to play.

After being examined by the local vet, it was determined that both hind legs required an urgent operation.

Thanks to your support, the we were able to afford Ernie’s first surgery which went well! He's now resting in a loving foster home.

Lizzie Reffell, the NAWT Clacton Centre Manager said: “He is recovering slowly at his foster home with a lovely couple who adore him.

“Ernie was sent for surgery on the day of their wedding, so we were all hoping it was a success.”

Be Kirby, Ernie’s foster mum added: “He is so sweet and affectionate but still is a cheeky puppy who loves to chew anything he can find. We have a large number of chew toys to keep him busy.

“Next Saturday will be his first birthday. We are so happy that at least one of his legs is now pain free. It's hard to imagine that he spent so much of his short life in pain.

“We are waiting to find out when his second leg surgery will be, I think he dreams of running on the beach and going for real walks. Hopefully this will be a reality in the next few months.”

If you would like to help towards Ernie’s aftercare costs, click here

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