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No more NAWT? An insight into our deepest fears...

Caring for our animals is always at the forefront of our mind and, true to our values, we never stop caring, even after adoption day. Each of our centres provide care and shelter for stray, neglected and unwanted animals and find them suitable forever homes. 

But there is one major thing that enables us to do all of this and the thought of that no longer being available is a distressing and worrying concern. Money makes the world go round, it keeps organisations afloat, and this is as true for us as it is for any business. 

The cost of providing optimum welfare standards and care to these animals is high. For instance, we spend, on average, £232 on vet fees and £116 on food and accommodation per animal. 


Our staff consider what would happen if we were to shut our doors

88p of every £1 you donate goes directly towards animal welfare but the threat of expenditure outweighing income is a real worry for many rescue centres. 

We spoke to our Clacton centre to hear their opinions on what would happen if money dried up and we had to sadly close the centre.

The first thought on everyone’s mind was ‘what would happen to the animals?’ 

We receive calls daily from people asking for our help to rehome their pets for various reasons. Rescue centres, like ours, are often full and stray dog pounds are bursting at the seams. So, with this in mind, where would all of our animals be relocated? More worryingly, would they have to be euthanised? 

Then there is the issue of staff losing their jobs and the related consequences. For our staff, this isn’t a nine to five job, it’s a passion they put their whole hearts into. We would also lose our volunteer community, wonderful people who dedicate their time to offer each of our animals invaluable support. 

Losing a local rehoming centre would also be such a huge loss to the communities they serve. All of our centres are heavily invested in their local communities. Offering fun days and events for local families to attend and education and advice services to help potential and existing pet owners.

What do our staff and supporters say?

Animal care assistant Stacey said: “If our Clacton centre was to close I think the effects would be catastrophic. I see first-hand how we treat each of the animals in our care as individuals and I am proud of the level of care we can offer to them. 

“Being a small centre, we are able to dedicate considerable time and effort to these animals and their individual needs and really make a difference to their lives.

"Take Clyde the dog as an excellent example, changing Clyde’s perception of people and the world has been no easy challenge but we have been able to give him the time, patience and skills he needed to make real significant progress. 

Above: Stacey with Clyde

“If we didn’t exist, or had to close, Clyde would not be where he is today and may have faced a much more upsetting fate, and he’s just one of many examples.”

“NAWT and its dedication to implementing the Open Paw programme has made a real difference within the cattery,” added animal care assistant Leonie.

Above: Leonie with Boudica

“I have seen how a cat’s stay with us has completely changed for the better, they now have loads of mental stimulation and enrichment to learn valuable skills to help them adapt easily into their new homes. 

“It has also been an educational learning curve for the people involved, I feel that more information is now available regarding cat behaviour and enrichment and that we are more equipped to advise owners on this. 

“If our centre didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be able to offer this and our cats wouldn’t have somewhere to stay whilst they wait for their new homes!”

NAWT Clacton supporter, Kelly also said: “Having rehomed a dog from NAWT and being a resident within the surrounding community, I can’t imagine what it would be like without our local rehoming centre! 

“I can’t imagine life without my little dog and NAWT matched the two of us together perfectly so without them, she wouldn’t be a part of my family! I like keeping up to date with all the centre’s news and updates of those they’ve rehomed and the events they host are always a great day out.

“It would be very sad and a loss to the area if they were to close.” 

Open Paw volunteer Beverly finalised: “A huge loss! If the centre was to close it would be a real shame and simply a huge loss.

“As an Open Paw volunteer, I enjoy being a part of the centre and assisting where I can to help the staff and animals in our care. My main concern would be, what would happen to all of the animals? Where would they go?

Above: Beverly regularly volunteers at our Clacton centre

“Would they have to be put to sleep? I would also be sad for the staff but my main worry would be the welfare of the animals residing with us.” 

Thankfully, closing the doors to one of our centres isn’t something we’re forced to consider right now, but it will always be an ongoing concern of ours.

The simple fact is that we couldn’t do what we do without the generous support of people like you and we can never truly express the enormous difference that your support makes to a charity like ours.

There are so many ways you can support us and help us help homeless animals in need.

To find out more please click here and for everything you do for the animals in our care, thank you.


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