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NEWS: NAWT backs petition to make pet theft a crime in its own right

National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) has become the first animal welfare charity to support the #pettheft petition launched by the Stolen and Missing Pet Alliance (SAMPA).

SAMPA wants to lobby Parliament to change the way animal theft crimes are reported and punished, in recognition of the importance pets play in our family lives. 

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According to SAMPA, more than 60 dogs are stolen every week in England and Wales. Less than 5% of cases lead to convictions.

NAWT Chief Executive Clare Williams said: “Pets are prized members of our families and yet when they’re stolen, the crime appears to be regarded by the law as no different from having a wallet or mobile phone pinched.

"The punishment for undertaking such a crime is so minimal, it’s little wonder thieves are tempted to take the risk.

"NAWT is proud to be the first animal welfare charity to support this new petition and we urge people to sign and share today so that we gain enough signatures to ensure this serious issue receives its rightful audience in Parliament." 

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