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NAWT staff work through the night to deliver eight puppies

This past winter, pregnant Staffordshire Bull Terrier Molly found herself in our care. She was expecting eight puppies and her previous owners could not cope with her needs.

As it is rare to have puppies in rescue because most are sold or rehomed via the internet, the arrival of a pregnant dog and the imminent arrival of some beautiful puppies was very exciting.

It wasn’t long before eight gorgeous puppies made their way into the world, and we had the pleasure of watching them grow.

Molly and a pup just hours after birth

Over the last few months, our staff have helped Molly raise her five boys and three girls and have waved goodbye to all of them as they went to their forever homes.

NAWT Supervisor Stacey remembers the night Molly went into labour. She was there from 3pm until 11:30pm, when the Centre Manager took over caring for Molly until the morning.

Stacey said: “It was about 3pm when Molly started to show signs of being in labour.

“All she wanted was for us to be there. Every time we moved, she would follow us and she was desperate for reassurance that everything was ok and seeking comfort in us. 

“We stayed with her and always made sure one of us was with her at all times. 

“It was amazing that a dog we had only known for three short weeks had so much faith in us and knew we were going to help her. She wanted us to continually stroke her during the labour, she got distressed if we stopped and would push at our hands. 

“She would relax instantly when she had her head on my lap and I gave her gentle strokes.  

“The first pup was born at 6.20pm, and from there on, they all came out quite quickly! 

“Our job was to reassure mum but also to assist with cleaning the puppies as they were born, checking their airways and making sure they were suckling and were warm. 

“The last pup was born just after midnight and at this time Molly began to sleep whilst the puppies were suckling and snuggling up with her for warmth. 

A pair of the pups at seven weeks old

“It was clear she wasn’t an experienced mum and wasn’t familiar with how her body was preparing for the new arrivals. We were concerned she would reject the puppies, but after all the hardships she faced raising all eight of them, she thankfully took good care of them and they grew into healthy happy babies!

“It was an amazing sight, the miracle of birth as they say and I felt truly blessed to have been a part of it."

Watford centre manager Jackie added: "I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone on th team that helped with Molly and her arrivals, we're thrilled they've all found forever homes."

To help the NAWT continue to help dogs in need like Molly, please consider donating today. As little as £5 can help. 

Thank you!

NAWT animal care assistant Jason with mum Molly and a pup

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