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NAWT Cats extend a warm welcome to Clawsome guest and Catvocate Dr Liz Bales

Self-confessed ‘catvocate’ Dr Liz Bales landed in the UK yesterday, and is spreading the word about her fantastic new feeding product for cats.

Liz is a vet based in Philadelphia who specialises in feline wellness and has recently launched Doc & Phoebe’s Feeder (previously known as the NoBowl Feeding System) for cats.

The bowl-free feeder encourages cats to use their natural instinct to ‘hunt’ for food and enjoy the results.

During a visit to the NAWT Hertfordshire centre earlier today, Liz explained:

"Cats are fascinating and misunderstood.  They don’t see the world the same way that people do, and this leads to all kinds of trouble.  Cats are innate hunters. A cat actually needs to hunt, catch and play with at least five small meals a day to be physically and mentally healthy. Taking away the hunt, and giving a cat only a bowl to eat from, is leaving it stressed, bored and even sick. 

"Modern life with a cat has its down sides.  Ask anyone who has lived with a cat, and they will tell you, most cats do one or more of these things that make them hard to live with…

• Gobble up their food and then throw it right back up - (scarf and barf)

• Pee or poop outside of the litter box

• Wake their human up at night to be fed

• Attack toes, ankles or other human body parts

• Fight with other cat housemates

• Wreck the furniture 

• Get fat and sleep all day

"Although these are common cat problems, they are actually not normal, and they don’t have to be an accepted part of cat ownership.  We can do better. 

"Veterinary science actually knows why cats do these things, and how to help our cats live happier and healthier lives, that end these bad behaviours.  It simply takes changing the way we think about cat care and seeing the world through our cat’s eyes… "

This is what Doc and Phoebe’s Cat Company does. I am taking two decades of education and experience, and all of this incredible feline veterinary science and incorporating it into cool, well-designed products that make cats happier and healthier than ever.

"It's easy!" Liz adds. "With just 2 minutes a day, you fill five mouse shaped feeders and hide them around your house.  Now your cat gets to hunt, play with and eat five small meals a day… just like it would in nature.  It makes sense, right? Cats hunt mice… not gorge meals from bowls and sleep all day."

Earlier this year, NAWT launched Open Paw for Cats, which has been introduced to improve the wellbeing of our cattery residents. This pioneering new product is integral to the development of the Open Paw for Cats scheme, which works to enrich the lives of animals in rescue, whilst also teaching them the valuable life skills that they will need to help them successfully settle into life in a new home.

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