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NAWT Berkshire helps woman overcome ‘crippling’ fear of dogs

A woman who had a ‘crippling’ fear of dogs, has overcome her phobia after being invited to visit NAWT Berkshire

Nima Maasoumi was so afraid of dogs she would run away whenever she saw one, or scream if they approached her.

Nima, originally from Iran, was not sure when she developed the phobia, but it became so debilitating she decided to ask our centre near Great Shefford, for help.

Tracy Waldron, centre manager at Trindledown Farm said: “To prepare for Nima’s first visit I asked my volunteer coordinator Beth to bring in her own dog, Izzy.

“Izzy is calm and relaxed and I knew she would be a great dog for Nima to be introduced to.”

Ahead of her visit to the NAWT centre, Nima’s mum flew over from Iran to support her daughter, readying to face her biggest fear. 

While Beth slowly fed Izzy treats to keep her from moving too suddenly, Nima was invited to touch and pat the Jack Russell Terrier.

Within a short time, Nima’s confidence grew so much that she eventually managed to sit down beside Izzy and feed her.

“I am beyond grateful and thankful to NAWT,” she said. “They helped my wish and dream of approaching animals and not escaping them come true.”

Nima made another three visits to the rescue centre, and she is now able to walk calmly near cats and dogs. She even managed to hug Izzy in one of her visits. She added: “I really recommend visiting Trindledown Farm, they have really helped me.”

Nima, who is studying food science in the UK, said it was extremely important that she overcame her fear, because she does ‘love animals’.

Around a third of children have cynophobia, the fear of dogs, which is an extremely common specific phobia. According to the NHS, around 10 million people across the UK suffer from a phobia.

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