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Muffin’s Lockdown Lifeline

Please don’t forget about cats like Muffin. Whilst NAWT centres are closed to the public, their vital care must continue. When all this is over, they’ll be here waiting to thank you, and hoping to offer you the friendly companionship that’s been sorely missing from so many lives during this awful time of social distancing.

One year old Bengal, Muffin, would not have survived if she hadn’t arrived at NAWT just before the start of lockdown. This is her story.

Weighing a tiny 1.9kg on her arrival, this beautiful young kitten was at death’s door.

Muffin hadn’t seen a vet in her life despite clearly showing signs of severe discomfort. Instead, she had been left to simply waste away. Centre Manager, Louise explains:

“Muffin’s intestines were the worst the vet had ever seen and initially their poor condition indicated she may have a life threatening disease like cancer. However, after countless tests, nothing has come back with a positive diagnosis, suggesting that it’s likely her suffering has been caused by malnutrition and dehydration.”

Despite now being on a healthy and nutritious diet to rebuild her strength, Muffin’s sore and inflamed intestines will take a long time to repair, in fact she may never fully recover.

Her neglectful start in life is going to mean that she will require medication and a specialised diet prescribed by the vet for the rest of her life.

After a lot of rehabilitative work, Muffin is now settling into life at NAWT and her weight has risen to 2.75kg. Louise says:

“As Muffin is a very tiny cat, she probably won’t ever weigh more than 3kg. However, she is now strong enough to be moved out of our intensive care area and into the main cattery.

She has so much more energy and is starting to want to play, even with the other cats.

She honestly looks like a completely different cat to when she came in, and as you can see she is so photogenic! She is doing really well, even her meow sounds happier.

It is still early days for Muffin but every day she gets that little bit stronger.”

Please continue to help cats like Muffin by making a donation towards their ongoing care.

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