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Marley’s Mission – accomplished thanks to NAWT supporters!

Poor Marley arrived at the NAWT Clacton centre in a very bad way and in need of urgent medical attention.

This shy, senior dog had large masses on his head and neck. His ears were also in need of treatment and he had painfully matted fur, making his daily life very uncomfortable. 

It was clear to see that this sweet natured boy was affected by his ailments. He spent a lot of time just laying still on his bed, but with patience and the help of some tasty treats, the team made friends with Marley.

They were keen to see this boy blossom, vet appointments were made to get Marley the medical attention he needed. It was estimated that the cost of treatment (including operations, consultations and pain relief) would be £1,000. 

With the Coronavirus already making life very difficult for the charity financially, the team wanted to try to recuperate some of the costs for Marley’s treatment. So they set up a JustGiving Page, shared Marley’s story on Facebook and got the local newspaper involved, in the hope that people would help to contribute to making Marley’s future a happier one.

The wonderful NAWT Clacton supporters rose to the challenge and donated with gusto, reaching and exceeding the target set. To date with gift aid contributions, more than £2,000 has been donated to Marley’s Mission.

The big day came and Marley had his operations, everything went really well. He had the lumps removed and needed quite a lot of stitches and naturally had a bit of a sore head.

His ears were treated which made him feel much better, lots of his matted fur was sorted out too. He was super sleepy when he came back to the centre and wanted to head straight to bed, but when the team came to give him cuddles, he was more than ready to woof down a big bowl of chicken.

Marley took it easy for a few days with lots of pain relief to help make him comfortable, as well as plenty of cuddles and tasty treats. The lumps that were removed were tested to identify if they were cancerous and thankfully for Marley, tests showed that they were all benign follicle cysts, the team were delighted with this news.

Life continues to look up for Marley, as the team have found him a lovely foster home. His foster mum was looking for a furry companion, after the sad passing of her previous dog. She fell in love with Marley and currently he’s resting his paws and recuperating in her care. Once his stitches are out and he’s up-to-date with his vaccinations, his foster carer is hoping to adopt Marley and give him the forever home he has been longing for.

We cannot thank those that helped us successfully achieve Marley’s Mission enough, your donations and kind words of support have truly made the world of difference to this boy – giving him the future he deserves. Thank you.

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