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As long as it takes: Clyde's two year wait for the perfect home

At NAWT, we never stop caring. We’ll never give up on a healthy animal and once in our care, they will have a place with us for as long as it takes. Clyde’s story is testament to that. His time with us was a journey full of emotion, adventure and surprises! It was a journey that lasted longer than anyone expected, in fact, it took precisely 946 days for Clyde to find his happy ever after. Throughout his stay at NAWT, and to this day, we have never and will never stop caring. Clyde’s story is one that touched the hearts of everyone who crossed his path and one we’re proud to tell.

Clyde arrived at our Clacton centre in March 2016, petrified and totally overwhelmed. Previously found straying the Welsh valleys evading capture for a long time, Clyde spent several months in various temporary kennels before finding solace at NAWT. Those first few weeks in our care were no easy feat; he was completely terrified of new people, surroundings and sounds. He hid away in his kennel and it took a lot of love, patience and time to earn just an inch of his trust.

No matter what he had been through before, Clyde found it in his heart to give humans a second chance and bonded firmly with the staff. Quickly, he became a part of our NAWT family and, like proud parents, we were there every step of the way. We tackled obstacles together and overcame many ‘firsts’: his first trip to the beach, his first big vet visit…even his first girlfriend!

Clyde displayed a true lust for learning during Open Paw training and was able to achieve great things during his time with us. We worked on modifying behaviours, increasing his catalogue of skills and, ultimately, boosting his confidence with the world. Each day he blossomed in confidence, cheekiness and happiness.

Clyde became the familiar face of an old friend to us here but it was so very disheartening when, week after week, month after month, year after year, he remained without a home to call his own. We were delighted when finally, more than two and half years after he arrived with us, a family came along willing to offer Clyde the patience and time he needed to adjust to home life.

This lucky boy is now happy in his new home and is amazing everyone daily. We knew that transitioning into a home would be a huge thing for Clyde but he is facing it with courage and enthusiasm! It has taken a while, but gradually he has learnt that the people on the TV aren’t real, the washing machine isn’t a monster and the humans bed is definitely the best place for an afternoon nap! He is getting more and more confident by the day and, although he still has a long way to go, we will be there for him and his family every step of the way.

Your support taught Clyde that there are kind humans in this world, who he can trust, and who will offer him love and protection. You gave him the time he needed to learn that he didn’t have to be afraid anymore and that a happier future awaited him.

To make your donation go even further for animals like Clyde this Christmas, please support our project on The Big Give, where every donation received between 12pm 27th November – 12pm 4th December will be doubled at no further cost to you.


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