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Lone survivor finds happily-ever-after

The lone survivor of an tragic litter of puppies has found her happily-ever-after.

Do you remember Nova who was brought into the care of our Cornwall centre?

This gorgeous gir was brought into the world at risk, and sadly her four litter mates died shortly after being born.

Nova was a gorgeous, fluffy bundle of joy that could melt your heart, and at first glance she’s just like every other seven-month-old puppy.

Nova at seven months
Sadly, Nova isn’t like every other puppy, she has a complicated history and her story began when her mother came into Wheal Afred Kennels as a pregnant, unloved stray. 
Our animal care team quickly got to work welcoming her into the centre, settling her as best we could and eventually helping her with the delivery of five pups, before tragedy struck and four puppies died.
Our Cornwall centre manager, Louise recalls: “Thelma was signed over to us from the dog warden as a stray so her background was unknown. At this point we were unaware she was pregnant although it was evident from her teats that she’d had puppies previously. 
“She was about half way through her pregnancy, so we knew we had four or five weeks to get her fed up and ready. The Cornwall centre hasn’t had any dogs give birth at the centre for over 10 years, so the staff were all very excited. 
“Thelma had five beautiful pups which arrived happy and healthy, or so we thought. Out of the blue, we began losing pups.

Nova at seven weeks
“When we finally got an answer from complicated tests, we found out the puppies had inherited Canine Herpes from mum.”
The only survivor of Thelma’s litter, Nova began building strength from seven-weeks-old and was a real sweetheart.

Now, we're thrilled to share the news that Nova has settled into her forever home and is enjoying life as a happy and healthy puppy. 
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