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Living With a Rescue Cat - 8 things you need to know

Adopting a rescue cat is an amazing, and rewarding thing to do. Here are some quick points that may not come up at the centre during the rehoming process…

Keep your pens safe

If you’ve left a pen on the table, be prepared for it to be batted onto the floor, possibly underneath the sofa, never to be seen again.


Did we not mention that your kitty might like to nibble your toes? Have you tried keeping your socks on?


As soon as you need to get up from the sofa, your cat will come along and get very comfortable on your lap. Whatever you need to do can wait another five minutes!

Cat foodRebel

If you buy a lot of one particular type, your cat is likely to change their mind and decide they no longer like it. Any food that is no longer desired by your moggy will be very welcome at the centre.

Training of the human

Have you noticed how your cat has a way of letting you know what they want? Cats seem to have perfected the skill of training the human. We try and resist it at the centre, but some cats do seem to get around it and train us to bring them the best treats. Also, your cat will always know when you’ve been petting another cat. You cannot get away with it.


Who can resist a cat purring? The loving purr from a rescue cat is like nothing else (don’t tell your rescue dog).

Paper WeightRoss

Got some important paperwork to keep together? Pop it on the dining table, and your rescue cat will be along in no time to sit on it (and possibly scratch it a little).


The joy your rescue cat brings (or any rescue pet) is like nothing else. Even though they can’t say it, every purr, head nudge and cuddle is their way of saying thanks. By adopting your rescue cat, you’ve opened another space for the next cat that needs a second chance. Thank you, from every pet at NAWT.

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