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Little Lulu, a loveable dog on the road to recovery

Meet Little Lulu, a very special girl with a lot of love to give.

Lulu was found wandering the streets; abandoned, alone and in an awful condition. Upon her rescue, her fur was totally matted, her skin was sore and she was covered in fleas. There was no choice but to remove all of the hair on her body.

When Lulu arrived at NAWT, it was clear she needed further treatment. Some of her conditions suggested that she might previously have been used for breeding, and thrown out onto the streets once she could no longer be used for these purposes. She has mammary tumours and a tumour on her back that will need to be removed, bad teeth that will require a dental operation, and a routine spay will ensure that her breeding days are over. Whilst this is a lot for one little dog to endure, the treatment will set her on her journey to a loving, forever home and a much healthier future.

Lulu’s treatment will cost £1,700. This is a huge expense for a charity like ours, where every single penny is accounted for. However, it is an expense that will offer Lulu the life she, and every dog, deserves. Please click here to donate, and let Lulu know that she has a future worth fighting for.

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