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Keeping NAWT animals cool during hot weather

We have all enjoyed some glorious weather recently, sun cream has been needed and the BBQ has been very busy!


However the hot weather can be sometimes be dangerous for our animal friends, which is why the staff at NAWT have been taking extra steps to make sure they are happy, comfortable and healthy.


For example, our dedicated team have been starting their shifts at work earlier at 7am. This is so that when they take the dogs for their morning walks, it is still a relatively cool and pleasant temperature for them.


The dogs also have their own cool coats to wear and cool mats to sleep on, as well as fans and access to nice cold paddling pools.


Staff have plenty of colder treats at their disposal too, including doggy ice cream, ice lollies and frozen kongs. The kongs are of course also very beneficial for their mental wellbeing, keeping their minds occupied.


As for the field animals, they are provided with fly masks and extra gazebos for shelter.


Our lucky feline friends have air conditioned enrichment rooms that they can use, plus individual fans in their own pens.


Finally, the lovely rabbits are given frozen bottles of water, in addition to being provided with extra shade areas.


With these extra cooling measures in place, the animals at NAWT are more likely to feel great and demonstrate their best qualities, giving them a stronger chance of finding their forever homes when potential owners come along to visit them.

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