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Jacob, the dog who was being given away for free on social media

These puppy dog eyes belong to Jacob. Jacob is a gorgeous, cuddly dog who just wants to please people. He only arrived in our care after a supporter spotted him being given away for free on social media.

We’re so grateful the supporter got in touch and convinced the owners to hand him over to a rescue.

Since arriving at NAWT, staff and volunteers instantly noticed Jacob had sore and bleeding ears. Of course, it was straight to the vet for this boy who already had a lot of upheaval. After being so well behaved at the vets, we were told Jacob would need a Total Ear Canal Ablation (or TECA for short). This means an operation on both ears for a procedure to remove the diseased and infected ear canal. Time will tell if Jacob will still be able to hear following the procedure.

We’re not sure how long Jacob was in discomfort before arriving at NAWT, but with your support, he can have this operation, to help him on his way to a happier and healthier future.

Jacob’s ear operation will come to £2,000. This is a massive expense, but Jacob is worth every penny. Your support can ensure Jacob gets the treatment he needs, please visit our Just Giving page and show Jacob he is worth more than being given away free online.

Once Jacob is well and signed off by the vet, he will be ready and waiting for his second chance at a forever home. Please contact the Berkshire centre if you’re interested in offering this sweet boy some sofa space.

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