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It's Double Donations Week!

Between Tuesday 30th November and Monday 6th December, it's Double Donations Week here at the NAWT and that means your donation is worth double.  For example, if you donate £5 it will be worth £10 to us at no extra cost to you.

Thanks to our generous supporters and a pledge promise from PetPlan Charitable Trust, we have a total Pledge Pot of £25,000. You can help us unlock this pot by donating in Double Donations Week so that we can raise the £50,000 to launch an exciting new project.

Pet ownership is soaring in popularity, as we treasure the joy and comfort our furry pals bring. Looking to the future, we anticipate that animal welfare charities like ours will be doing more community work, which is why we’re looking to launch our Pet Care in the Community scheme.

Currently, our rehoming centres offer a service to people who can no longer responsibly care for their pet, by allowing those people to relinquish their pet safely into our care. However, saying goodbye to a beloved companion can be really distressing for both pets and their owners.

For example, some pet owners sadly have to relinquish a pet due to ill health, they are no longer able to walk their dog, clean out their cat’s litter tray, or feed their pet. Their pet may be their only real companion. This new initiative will help people and their pets stay together.

Pet Care in the Community will aim to provide practical help such as a dog walking, pet feeding, and litter tray cleaning services. It will also offer a short-term fostering service to pet owners who find themselves facing a hospital stay, and have no one to look after their beloved pet.

Moreover, Pet Care in the Community will extend to providing transportation help for pet owners, who are struggling to get to veterinary appointments and other essential pet care, such as grooming.

Pet Care in the Community will initially serve the areas close to our five centres but ultimately, as more volunteers are recruited, it is hoped that it will be rolled out further afield. We aim to help a variety of elderly, sick, vulnerable, and disadvantaged people.

If you’d like to make your donation count double, please click the button below or call or visit your nearest NAWT centre between 30th November and 6th December.