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'I volunteer every Monday, and they're never blue'

Have you ever dreamt of being surrounded by cats? Maybe all you would like to do is make a fuss over them?

Unfortunately our centres are almost always home to homeless cats, and although we work hard to give them the care they need, we could always do with an extra pair of hands! 

Jane Prescott has been volunteering with our Somerset centre since 2014, and is an official ‘cat socialiser’ – this basically means she keeps the cats company.

Jane said: “Some like to play, some want to cuddle and some of the shyer ones just like a little human company in their pen.

“I also help with parts of 'Open Paw' and take a grooming brush with me for those cats that need or like a groom."

We rely on our volunteers and we are forever grateful for the time they give up to help the homeless and unwanted animals in our care, before we find them a home.

In 2015, the time given by our volunteers was equal to around £395,000!

If you're interested in making Blue Monday (January 15) less 'blue' please consider volunteering at your local centre!

All our current volunteering vacancies can be found here


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