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How your support can change the lives of dogs like Popcorn

Lurcher Popcorn arrived at NAWT following a particularly harrowing experience, when he and another dog were cruelly thrown from the back of a moving van on a busy road.

Police attended the scene to find both dogs in a terrible state, filthy and underweight with sores all over their bodies.

Once in NAWT care, it was discovered that Popcorn’s companion, Bambi, was suffering from a severe medical condition and was immediately found a temporary foster home where she is gradually recovering from her ordeal and building her strength so that she can undergo surgery to improve her quality of life. Meanwhile, Popcorn was left in the safe hands of our animal care team, who immediately got to work putting together a care and training programme for him.

With the love, care and attention he deserves, Popcorn started to flourish. From the quiet, sad and withdrawn creature that arrived at the Watford shelter a few weeks ago, Popcorn has transformed into a happy, bouncy lurcher who greets every passer-by with a wagging tail. Although still on a weight gaining programme, he’s beginning to look much healthier and is proving himself to be very clever, quickly mastering all of the puzzle and enrichment feeders he’s given to keep his mind stimulated at dinner time. Popcorn is doing so well in fact that he has recently stolen the heart of a potential owner and is reserved to go home soon.

Your support changes the life of an animal like Popcorn every day. You have helped Popcorn to learn that he deserves to feel loved. Thank you.

To make your donation go even further for animals like Popcorn this Christmas, please support our project on The Big Give, where every donation received between 12pm 27th November – 12pm 4th December will be doubled at no further cost to you. 

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