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Help HULA’s puppies in their fight against Parvo

Last week, the team at our HULA centre arrived to work to something very upsetting. Four young and incredibly sick puppies had been abandoned at the gate with no information to help us determine their age or their symptoms.

The puppies were rushed to the vets where our worst fears were confirmed; all four puppies were suffering with Parvovirus. This is a highly contagious and often fatal disease that is common in poorly bred puppies.

It was uncertain whether or not the puppies would make it through the night and sadly, one did lose his battle a few days later. Laura Randall, Rehoming Coordinator at our HULA centre explained:

“I received the text I had been dreading from the vet late one night, to say that one of the puppies, Basil, was losing his fight and the kindest thing we could do would be to put him to sleep. I rushed over there knowing how important it was to let him know during his final moments that he was loved, and that he had deserved so much better than the awful little life he was given. He died in my arms just after midnight. I hope he’s at peace now.”

 Thankfully, the other three puppies have demonstrated amazing strength and resilience against this awful disease and are taking to their ongoing treatment very well. However, the treatment of this deadly virus sadly doesn’t come cheap so we’re appealing for your help to save the lives of these young dogs who deserve a future so much brighter than the darkness they’ve left behind. Please consider making a donation that will offer hope to a very poorly pup in their time of need.

Rest in peace little Basil. You were loved x


Little Robin fighting for his life



Little Tod battling the virus


Little Foxy fighting the disease


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