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Help cats like Cfur who felt lost after the death of her owner

Cfur came into the care of our Watford centre after her previous owner sadly died in 2016.

Left alone and confused, Cfur was brought to us, where she rarely moved from her bed, frozen with fear.

Because she struggled so much with losing her owner, our staff worked extra hard to bond with Cfur and used Open Paw training to build her confidence.

Slowly, Cfur began to show her face with regular staff and volunteers, but she was still struggling to greet any unknown visitors and potential re-homers.

Animal care supervisor Shirkara, explains: “Cfur was never great at putting her ‘best paw’ forward when it came to visitors.

“She is a sweet little cat, but found it so hard to adjust to cattery life. She would hide in her bed under a blanket when visitors looked around.

“Things began looking up for her when we introduced Open Paw, but still she was overshadowed by the more vocal and food driven felines.

“Cfur struggled with the new routine and change in carer. She was just unsure of what was going on and missed her quiet life as it can get quite busy at the centre.

"The staff and volunteers worked so hard to help her to build her confidence.

"Slowly but surely she started to bond with us but still found meeting new people a little scary."

A lovely couple contacted the centre about rehoming a cat as they were missing the feline companionship after their cat sadly passed away. Shirkara spoke to the gentleman on the phone and told him about Cfur.

He saw her picture on the website and fell in love with her, so an initial meet was booked! Cfur was a little hesitant, but the couple saw through her shyness to the beautiful cat underneath. 

Finally, after two years of waiting, Cfur has a home to call her own. We have also been told that as soon as Cfur got to her new home, she strolled confidently out of her cat carrier and made herself quite at home.

To make your donation go even further for animals like Cfur, devastated by the loss of her owner, please support our project on The Big Give, where every donation received between 12pm 27th November – 12pm 4th December will be doubled at no further cost to you, click here to give.


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