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Help blind cat Felix continue his adventures

At just two years’ old, Felix has had a tough life so far. Completely blind, he’s had to learn to navigate the world without his sight and then last month he found himself in rescue, a new environment to get used to, when his owners moved and were unable to take him with them.

In order to make the transition into his new surroundings as easy as possible on Felix, the team have placed tape on the floor to mark where his water bowl, litter tray and bed go. The tape works a little like braille so as long as everything in his pen remains in the same place, Felix can use the feel of the tape to navigate his way around. Thankfully, he’s a fast learner and already has a good understanding of where everything is, which has helped to build his confidence.

Sadly, Felix’s eyesight isn’t his only problem. Shortly after he arrived at NAWT, we noticed that he was walking a little strangely and not putting his full weight on his back right leg. 

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A visit to the vet showed us that his right hip is actually missing, causing his leg to move in and out of place as he walks, creating Felix some discomfort, which explains why he has been reluctant to use the leg.   

Despite his struggles, Felix is a happy and gentle soul who loves a cuddle and will happily sit purring on your lap for hours. He also enjoys time playing with his toys, and has accumulated a nice collection, from kind-hearted donors, all of which make different noises to help him find them easily as he plays.

Felix will require X-Rays, pain medication and ongoing specialist care during his time with NAWT, with amputation of his leg a possibility if his discomfort increases. This all comes at an enormous expense but one that will allow a beautiful young cat to continue on his adventures free from pain or discomfort. Please help Felix in his quest to continue exploring the world in his own unique way. Every penny donated will make all the difference to Felix’s future.

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