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Help animals like blind Tia by supporting the NAWT

Tia the four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier came into the care of our Somerset branch last October.

It was discovered she had very limited eyesight and this caused her to be easily startled by loud noises and fast movements.

Extremely nervous in kennels, it was decided Tia wasn’t fit to stay in the centre, so a loving foster home was arranged until she found her forever family.

After settling in and seeing our vet on site, we soon took her to a specialist who discovered poor Tia had no sight in either eye. 

A retinal reattachment procedure was attempting, but it was decided that due to a congenital abnormality, it would be in Tia’s best interest to have both eyes removed.

This decision was not made lightly and the only factors being considered were Tia’s comfort and future health. 

Tia has been fortunate enough to have the undivided attention from our volunteer, avid supporter and fantastic fosterer, Pat. Since being in Pat’s home Tia has healed and adjusted to her new world, she enjoys lots of love, exercise and playtime. 

Although Tia is enjoying life in her foster home, she is still looking forward to finding a home to call her own. She is currently reserved and we hope she will land on her paws and find her happily ever after.

To help dogs like Tia, please give what you can to help us continue our life-changing work. Click here to give as little as £5.

Thank you.


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