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Help abandoned kittens with NAWT and The Big Give

Cold and alone, abandoned under a hedge, fending for themselves at no more than two or three weeks old.

This is the story of Candy, Merlin, Spice, Spooky, Trick and Twilight, a litter of six kittens who came very close to losing their little lives when they were left without a mother, a caregiver or any shelter.

Thankfully, the kittens were spotted by a passer-by, who delivered them to our NAWT Cornwall centre. However, by this point, the kittens hadn’t eaten anything in at least 24 hours, and it was clear that they were starving.

Immediately the team got to work preparing bottles for the new little arrivals and the next few days were critical while the kittens required round-the-clock care to build up their strength.

One terrifying evening we came very close to losing Candy when her health seemed to take a dramatic turn for the worst for reasons we couldn’t pinpoint.

The team made a very worried call to the vets, who advised that unfortunately this is something that can happen amongst young litters who have been taken from their mother too early, and that the best they could do for her now is to monitor closely, offer hourly fluids and try to keep her warm. 

Following veterinary advice one team member took Candy home with her, wrapped her up warm, and spent a long sleepless evening at her bedside willing her to get better.

At some point during the very early hours of the next morning Candy let out an enormous meow announcing her recovery and was soon making it very clear that she was now ready for food! We could all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Thanks to your support of our work with homeless and abandoned animals, all six kittens are now fighting fit, and following the appropriate vaccinations and a positive health check from the vets, they will all be heading off to happy new homes, where they can enjoy a much healthier future.

To make your donation go even further for animals like Candy, Merlin, Spice, Spooky, Trick and Twilight this Christmas, please support our project on The Big Give, where every donation received between 12pm on November 27 and 12pm on December 4, will be doubled at no further cost to you.

The link to the Big Give is live now, but please wait until November 27 to give. Click here to give.

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