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A heart-warming update from the dog who narrowly escaped death

Our latest update from the owners of Arthur (formerly known as Rubin), is a complete contrast to the start of his story.

He almost lost his life, arriving at our HULA centre in Bedfordshire early in 2018, with a horrific wound after being found at the side of the A5. He was understandably scared, as well as very underweight and needed 10 stitches.

After making a remarkably quick recovery at the centre, his confidence slowly grew. Arthur got a lot of local publicity as a result of his story. A few months later, Karen saw his appeal online and immediately fell in love.

He was adopted by Karen, who has adored having him in her life for over a year now!

Below is the update, in the words of Arthur himself (written by Karen):

“Hello all you lovely people at HULA!”

“Thought I'd give you an update, as it's been over a year now since you handed me over to my mummy in our forever home”.

“I have a daddy now too, so I get double the love and affection, the three of us have been having so much fun!”

“We go out in dad's van (don't worry, I'm still wearing my seat belt). We've been to Suffolk for splashy walks along the beach. We also went away to the Cotswolds for a weekend and I stayed in a nice pub”.

“They take me on picnics, they always take a bone for me and they eat their food quickly, because as soon as my bone has gone, I want what they are eating! I still get up to mischief but mostly I make them laugh”.

“Guess what… in September they are taking me to Bruges! I’m very excited for my holibobs.”

“So this is a very happy ending for me, hope you remember me always. My mum is grateful that you cared for me, we really hope that you find loving homes for all the animals in your care”

Lots of love,






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