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Give more dogs like Bernie the chance for a happy future with our Big Give Christmas Challenge Appeal

Many of you will remember Bernie’s story from our Christmas Challenge appeal last year. He had been at NAWT for a year, gradually learning to trust people again after a lifetime of neglect.

During his first year in rescue, your donations transformed his future. You gave him the time and understanding that he so desperately needed to cure his deep mistrust of people. You provided the training that would change his mind-set and subsequently transform his future!

This year, two years after he began his journey through rescue, Bernie found his perfect family and his happy future. Something that would never have been possible without your kind support, which gives homeless and frightened dogs like Bernie a chance.

On the day of his departure, Supervisor at NAWT, Yasmin said:

“We’ve spent two Christmas days together, enjoyed three summers sunbathing, we’ve walked probably a hundred miles side by side across all four seasons and had countless sofa snuggles".

“He’s waited patiently over the years, learning and growing to leave today a happy, affectionate lad for who the world is still a little scary, but he isn’t lost anymore. He has a home now to call his own with his very own people too".

Without you, Bernie might never have got this chance. So it’s with real pleasure that we can share the following update with you, from his new owners:

“Bernie is doing very well! You wouldn't guess he used to be so scared of humans, as he is so confident and affectionate around us and others! With the right introduction, he warms to new people quickly now. And he's a soppy cuddly boy with us at home".

“We were apprehensive bringing him home as his past was unknown, so we were prepared for him to be fearful of things like the washing machine. But he fell asleep right away and immediately felt right at home. He's a joy to train and so eager to please".

“It's a pleasure watching him learn to behave like a happy dog should".

“We absolutely adore him and are thankful to the shelter for looking after him all that time until we could come along to adopt him.”

From this Giving Tuesday (3rd December) until Midday on 10th December, you can make your donation to transform the future of pets like Bernie go even further! Every donation to our Christmas Challenge appeal with the Big Give will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you. Please give what you can during this fantastic time, and watch a £5 gift turn into a £10 donation!

The link to our Christmas Challenge appeal on the Big Give website is live now, but please wait until Midday on 3rd December to donate. Click here to give.

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