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The gift of a second chance for feline Elsa

Little Elsa came to NAWT Clacton as a struggling stray just before Christmas of 2019, battling various health problems. She had been of no fixed abode for a couple of years, but had been neutered thanks to another local animal charity’s neuter and release scheme, with caring locals keeping a regular eye on her. When they noticed Elsa wasn’t thriving, she came into our care.

A small dot of a cat, we could see that Elsa needed specialist treatment. For starters, she was covered in lice and her mouth was infected, but both of these were easily resolved with parasite treatment and antibiotics.

What was more concerning was her chronic digestive issues, which meant she wasn’t absorbing any of the goodness from her food because everything she ate went straight through her.

Elsa’s road to recovery was long and required blood and stool tests, she was prescribed Vitamin B12 capsules and a course of steroids to try to boost her immune system and reduce any intestinal inflammation. Alongside this, we put Elsa onto a special gastro-intestinal diet, fed little and often. Very slowly, our efforts started to pay off as this affectionate little girl started to show signs of improvement, gaining weight and feeling better.   

To give Elsa a chance at finding a forever home, we needed to get her vaccinated and to do that she had to come off her medication for a couple of weeks. It was a rough time for this poor little lady, but we used the medication break to find new foods and supplements to see if we could get any improvement without her having to take medicine constantly.

Elsa showed what a resilient feline she was, because during this time despite all she was going through, she started to venture into the enrichment pen under supervision of staff and volunteers. She explored, climbed and had cuddles on the sofa, before returning to her pen to have a well-deserved snooze in her bed.

During the seven months in our care, Elsa’s road to recovery included:

  • Parasite treatment for lice and worms
  • Dental treatment
  • Anti-sickness injections
  • A course of antibiotics
  • Steroid treatment
  • Dietary supplements
  • Prescribed Gastro-intestinal food
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Micro chipping

Although all of Elsa’s treatment was expensive, her vet’s bill came to just under £700 with an additional £200 for prescribed food and dietary supplements; we believe every animal in our care deserves a fighting chance at a healthy and happy life. We can’t do this without your support, and remembering us in your Will is an amazing way to leave a lasting legacy that will offer help to cats like little Elsa for many years to come.

After 220 days in our care, a long road to recovery and despite being overlooked for re-homing on numerous occasions due to her tummy troubles, a wonderful lady finally came forward and offered Elsa the loving home she so deserved. 

Her forever human tells us she chose Elsa because she knew she was a cat that just needed a chance. If that is a gift you would be proud to contribute to, please consider setting up a regular donation to NAWT now or leaving a gift in your Will for the future.

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