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Get your donations doubled with the Big Give this November

This winter, NAWT have been given a wonderful opportunity to raise even more funds for the homeless and abandoned animals in our care.

A match-funding website The Big Give, have offered us the support of a champion funder for their Christmas Challenge campaign who, along with some of our major donors, has created a matched funding pot.

This means that every single donation NAWT receive via this link, between 12pm on 27th November 2018 and 12pm on 4th December will be doubled, at no extra cost to the donor. Therefore, if you donate £5 to NAWT during that time, via The Big Give website, we will receive £10! 

All money raised will go towards our project to improve the lives of animals during their time in rescue, via our Open Paw training programme and specialist veterinary care.

It will help animals like Bernie and Mitch. 

If Bernie could talk, he would no doubt tell a heart-wrenching tale of how he came to be the frightened stray who was terrified of the people who were trying to help him.

During his first few weeks at NAWT Bernie cowered in his kennel and flinched if anyone tried to touch him. His deep mistrust of people was upsetting to see and you couldn’t help wonder what on earth had happened to this poor soul. 

Thanks to you, Bernie’s outlook turned around in just a few short months. Your donations are funding the Open Paw programme, which is particularly effective for dogs like Bernie. He has learnt that there are people with infinite patience, who respect his space, who always bring delicious treats and never harm him or make him scared.

Even passers-by drop treats into his kennel so he no longer needs to bark at them to keep them away.

Life for Bernie is now worth living and even enjoying. Open Paw has opened his eyes to a world where humans play games of fetch, give you a scratch behind the ears and are warm and safe to cuddle up to on the sofa.

No-one could have imagined the difference you have made to that skinny, trembling creature and Bernie is now waiting and hoping for those special owners who will have the pleasure of enjoying his unique ‘happy dance’ when you scratch his back end. 

Mitch the eight-year-old cat was a cause for concern for the veterinary team. How were they going to be able to save his broken leg, which had been so badly damaged in the accident? Could Mitch have the happy-ending he deserved?

Mitch’s owners were devastated when they discovered that their handsome boy had been hit by a car. Money was already tight for them and they were heartbroken to conclude that they could not afford the expensive treatment and aftercare he needed to recover.

Wanting the best for him, they reluctantly decided to sign him over to NAWT’s care.

Mitch had very serious injuries and there was a high risk he would lose his leg, so there was no time to lose. By funding the £956 veterinary bill and his aftercare, you enabled Mitch to receive immediate specialist medical treatment and have the recovery care he needed.

The road to recovery was slow and at times a little bumpy but, thankfully, not only was his leg saved but he was able to return to full health.

The future is now bright for Mitch because after a few months’ of recovery, he will soon be heading off to his new home to enjoy a healthy, happy future.

Please help us to help more animals like Bernie and Mitch, and make your donation go even further, by donating to our Big Give project between 12pm 27th November and 12pm 4th December. Every donation will be doubled!

Click here from the 27th of November and donate to have your money matched!


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