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Get Fit With Fudge: Join our sponsored slim!

Just like people, pets’ needs regular exercise and a balanced diet but sadly pet obesity is on the rise, so we’re tackling this subject throughout May.
One in three dogs are now registered as obese in the UK, and HULA Animal Rescue has recently seen first-hand the serious conditions animals can suffer with, when they are overweight. 
Fudge, a five-year-old terrier, arrived in their care weighing a huge 17kg, his ideal weight would be just 7kg. 
Fudge came from a loving home and was relinquished due to unforeseen circumstances.
Running a busy rehoming charity, we frequently speak to people who are completely unaware of their pet's ideal weight and of the consequences overfeeding can have on their animal's health. 
People who overfeed their animal generally do so out of love and are devastated by the realisation that they've inadvertently caused health problems for their pet. It's an important subject that we must discuss more frequently.
Fudge is now on a diet and exercise plan to help him lose the extra 10kg slowly and carefully. Our HULA staff are working closely with a vet to monitor his progress. 
HULA centre manager Nicola explains: “Fudge has leg and hip issues caused by the strain of his weight and medical attention is being planned carefully because his weight also puts a huge strain on his heart and other organs.
“When we first met him, he could barely walk and couldn’t stand for long – he was crippled by his own weight.”
So now it’s over to you! Although our focus is to get Fudge’s weight down, we’d love to invite you or your pet to join him in his sponsored slim.
Has your pet put on a few pounds? Or maybe you, yourself would like to reach a healthy weight or are already working towards your own weight loss goals?
This May is National Walking Month and we will be promoting a healthy lifestyle for pets and people alike! Keep an eye on our updates throughout May as we share advice, healthy meal ideas and fun 
exercises to do with your pets.
How you can help
Head over to Fudge’s Sponsored Slim on Just Giving where you have three options to help raise money for Fudge’s care:
1. Click 'donate' to offer your support to Fudge's weight loss journey.
2. Click 'start fundraising' and choose 'personal challenge' to set up your own Sponsored Slim page and your friends can sponsor you or your pet in your own journey!
3. Set your own weight loss target and donate £1 for every 1lb you or your pet aim to lose.
By doing this you can help spread awareness of pet obesity and help us fund the diet plan and vet treatment of a very overweight, poorly dog.

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