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Fur-ever Friends: Sandy and Snoopy

Sandy has had a hard time, and sadly doesn’t have many teeth left – but he has lots of love to give and would like to find a home with his sister Snoopy.

This nine-year-old pairing have been together since birth, and although they sometimes bicker like all siblings, they adore each other’s company. 

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Hertfordshire animal care supervisor Yasmin said: “Sandy is more confident and Snoopy will let him investigate before she approaches. Sandy likes to explore, whereas Snoopy likes to stay in her comfort zone.

“Sandy loves wet food and Snoopy loves dry food! Although they look alike, they are quite different but that could be why they get on so well.”

The chalk and cheese pair are looking for a home with families who have children aged 12+. They would also need to be the only pets in the home.

Once they have settled into their new home, Sandy and Snoopy would like access to a nice garden to be able to sunbathe! Please contact the centre on 0208 950 0177 (option 2) for more information or visit their re-homing page

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