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Fur-ever Friends: Jax and Poppy

Sweet, fun, cute and cuddly – that’s bonded whippet pair Jax and Poppy of course! 

This adorable pair are bonded are dependent on each other for support and love, so would have to go to the same forever home from our Hertfordshire centre.

Poppy is 12-years-old and Jax is slightly younger at nine. Although Poppy is slightly more confident, it is clear she would miss Jax very much if they were separated.

As is common with canine pairings, they must be separated over meal times because Poppy will steal Jax’s food, this is because she is more independent and the ‘alpha’ of the pair.

Animal care supervisor Yasmin said: “Once we’ve fed them, they will let the staff know they want to be put back together by howling! 

“Sometimes we will walk and train with them separately to give them that extra bit of individual attention and to build their confidence, but they’re always eager to get back to each other.”

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Jax relies on Poppy for confidence and comfort, he can be nervous around new people and in new environments but copes better with Poppy by his side.

This friendly pair will need time to settle into a new home because Jax will be quite stressed at first, but once a bond had been made, he loves having his neck rubbed and butt scratches.

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Yasmin added: “Because of their breed, both will need extra clothing to help them keep warm and they like to wear fleecy pyjamas to keep warm and cuddle up. They really do love each other.”

Ideally Jax and Poppy are looking for an experienced owner with no other pets, who will have the time to keep up with their training and give them the love and patience they need. 

If you would like to know more about this gorgeous and affectionate pair please contact our Hertfordshire centre on 0208 950 0177 or visit their re-homing page.

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Hi, I am very interested in these adorable dogs. I do however have a twelve year old son and also a cat. Would this be a problem. I work 4 hours a day, but the hours are flexible so could come home after two hours and go back as only work 5 minutes away. Would love to re-home this lovely pair.x

Hi there, please get in touch with our Watford reception on 0208 950 0177.

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