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Dynamic duo on the prowl for happy ending

Dynamic feline duo Tibbles and Phantom arrived at our Clacton centre after their owner sadly passed away.

Four-year-old Tibbles is a white British shorthair cross and Phantom, 9, is a snowshoe. This pair love each other a lot, and must stay together.

Animal care assistant Stacey said: "Tibbles and Phantom came to us after their owner sadly died, but were clearly very loved cats. They came in with lots of lovely belongings and were clearly pampered princesses!"

Sadly, to make things more complicated, Phantom has a condition called Nystagmus. With this condition, Phantom's eyes involuntarily shake. She also has no tapetum lucidum, which means the reflector in her eyes are missing so she cannot reflect light.

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Phantom is likely to be able to see better in brighter light and is able to see shadows, so both of the pair must be indoor cats.

Stacey added: "Phantom's condition doesn't stop her! Both cats were very timid at first, but they have come around quite quickly and enjoy a fuss. Phantom even jumps on the staff whilst they're trying to clean!"

If Tibbles and Phantom sound perfect for you, visit their rehoming page or sponsor them.

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