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Donations Doubled for pigs like Barry: Flooded from his home and appealing to his visitors to help him stay safe this year

In a scary year that has been isolating and lonely for many people, the companionship offered to us by our pets has become highlighted and celebrated. That’s why this year, as part of our Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal where all donations will be doubled, we are raising money to pay back the debt we owe these loyal, caring and faithful companions.

Never before have so many of us collectively felt the benefits that pets can bring to our physical and mental wellbeing.

However, not everyone is in a position to be able to care for a pet. This is why we strive to make our rehoming centres a welcoming environment, where visitors can spend time with animals at their leisure.

Before the struggles of this year, animal lovers everywhere were invited to enjoy the peaceful feelings of relaxation that can come with time spent in the company of animals.

It’s not just people that enjoy this time with animals, but the animals themselves benefit too. Barry is one such animal, and this has made 2020 a particularly difficult year for everyone’s favourite little pig.

At the start of the year, poor Barry’s home was flooded during the storms and heavy rainfall of winter, forcing him to move from his beloved field with best friend Bjork the sheep, to a separate part of the farm.

The real blow to Barry at this time though, was the loss of his visitors, when the flooding took over the entire entrance to the Berkshire centre and they were forced to close.

Thankfully, the wonderful community surrounding the centre rallied together and raised the £8,945 needed to dig vital ditches to stem the tide. But the real storm was only just beginning and a few short weeks later the Coronavirus pandemic took hold of the country, cancelling the urgent works required to repair Barry’s home and forcing the centre to remain closed.

As a result of the combination of these factors, Barry has had very few visitors this year and as a sociable chap, he’s desperate to welcome back his fans and spend time with more people.

Conscious of this, the animal care team at the centre have been working hard to ensure Barry feels loved and settled in his new surroundings on the farm, whilst the human world around him continues to be a worrying and chaotic place.

Similarly, Barry’s generous sponsors have continued to offer him the support that they can from afar and are very much looking forward to being able to visit him again when restrictions are lifted. One family sponsoring Barry told us:

“Since we discovered NAWT at Trindledown, it soon became one of our favourite places to visit and support.  The work the staff do there is so important for the animals in their care, and their endless enthusiasm is contagious." 

"Whether it was a long visit to see all the animals and feed the dog’s treats, or a flying visit for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat from the marvellous cafe, Trindledown has always been so welcoming, and we have become friends with a number of the staff there." 

"We think it is so important that they can carry on their vital work, and we try to support them however we can. Our children are so pleased to follow the stories of the animals at the centre, even in the absence of being able to visit and were delighted to sponsor Barry and Bjork."

"Hopefully lots of other people are doing similar things to support the charity during this difficult time.”

- Lucy, Dave and family from Oxfordshire.

Stories like this are an important reminder that no matter what struggles we’re facing in the world around us, our animal friends continue to rely on us for care, shelter and emotional support. It is therefore our duty to protect them, if we are going to benefit from all the wonderful things they bring to our lives.

This is why NAWT’s project as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year, is to continue to improve the lives of homeless animals during the Coronavirus pandemic. From midday on 1st December 2020 – until midday on 8th December 2020, every donation you make to our campaign on the Big Give website will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you.

Please help us in our mission to give back to all our furry companions, who have done so much for all of us this year, by supporting our Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal from midday on 1st December 2020.

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