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Donations Doubled for dogs like Sully: the pup who learned to live without his hearing through lockdown

In a scary year that has been both isolating and lonely for so many people, the companionship offered to us by animals has become increasingly highlighted and celebrated.

This year, as part of our Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal where all donations will be doubled, we are raising money to pay back the debt we owe to these loyal, caring and faithful companions.

Never before have so many of us collectively felt the benefits that animals can bring to our physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s therefore only right that we help those animals who have been terribly unlucky and fallen on hard times.

Animals like Sully, a young American bulldog who arrived at NAWT Clacton during lockdown in April.

Sully had been diagnosed as completely deaf. His original owners made the responsible decision to give him to NAWT, because they had very young children visiting the house, and no previous experience of managing the training of a puppy with Sully’s extra care needs.

As he was too young to stay in kennels during lockdown, Sully went straight into foster with Animal Care Assistant Stacey, who uses sign language and facial expressions to help Sully communicate due to his lack of hearing.

Sully and Stacey have a great relationship and love each other’s company. Stacey has expressed how much she enjoys being his foster carer and how much of a positive impact he’s had on her life:

“Sully is the most amazing boy, he’s full of character and is absolutely hilarious. He makes me laugh all day long with his goofy, dopey, clumsy ways!”

“He adores his lap cuddles and proudly showing you his toys. The teenager in him loves his food, his naps and he even gets a bit stroppy when he is tired or hungry. He’s fantastic in the car, walks well on his lead and really enjoys adventures together”.

“He can be a little shy at first, as he can’t hear the kind and good intentions in your voice, but once you’ve made friends, you’ve got a friend for life.”

“Despite him being deaf, we still have great conversations and we connect on a deeper level than just using voice.”

Sully also relies on help from other dogs to be his ears, as Stacey explains:

“He loves his canine company and happily lets his doggy friends guide him as he plays with them, as well as settling down for occasional cuddles.”

“It will be really important for Sully to go to an owner that already has a dog, who will be happy to help him navigate the world. However, Sully will soon grow into a very big and bouncy dog, so his playmate will need to also be big and confident to handle his playful nature.”

Thanks to your generosity, rescue centres like NAWT Clacton have continued to be able to offer support to animals in need like Sully throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sully’s time with Stacey during lockdown has been invaluable, because he has been able to learn some very important life skills on how to communicate and recognise sign language and facial expressions. This will help him not only find his forever home, but go on to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Stacey is really pleased with Sully’s progress during his time at NAWT, and is looking forward to finding this beautiful boy his perfect family.

Stories like this are an important reminder that no matter what is happening in the human world around us, our animal friends continue to rely on us, so it is our duty to protect and care for them.

This is why NAWT’s project as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year, is to continue to improve the lives of homeless animals during the Coronavirus pandemic. From midday on 1st December 2020 – until midday on 8th December 2020, every donation you make to our campaign on the Big Give website will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you.

Please help us in our mission to give back to all our furry companions, who have done so much for all of us this year, by supporting our Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal from midday on 1st December 2020.

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