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Donations Doubled for dogs like Rafiki: An ex-racing greyhound relying on animal rescue to keep him safe

In a scary year that has been isolating and lonely for many people, the companionship offered to us by our pets has become highlighted and celebrated. That’s why this year, as part of our Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal where all donations will be doubled, we are raising money to pay back the debt we owe these loyal, caring and faithful companions.

Never before have so many of us collectively felt the benefits that pets can bring to our physical and mental wellbeing.

However, there are still many animals who are being, or have been, let down by humans and used in ways that don’t put their welfare first. As a result, many animals arrive at NAWT with behavioural problems or underlying health conditions that require treatment, which can make them less desirable to a new family.

Rafiki, an ex-racing greyhound, is one such animal. Retired from the tracks early at three-years-old once he lost his value, Rafiki was left with no owner and no home to turn to. He had never been housetrained and didn’t understand any basic training commands, such as sit, down or paw. He was unneutered and required veterinary treatment for an injury on one if his paws.

The combination of these things meant that he wasn’t a very attractive candidate for a new family pet. Therefore, it is unclear what might have happened to him if a rescue space hadn’t been available, but it’s likely that he would have been put to sleep at the young age of only three. 

Thankfully, your support of our animal rescue services meant that we could offer Rafiki a safe place to stay at NAWT, where he could receive all the training and medical treatment he required.

Due to his extra care requirements, Rafiki’s journey through rescue has been a long one and will reach the three-year mark this winter. However, we know the right home is out there, with a family waiting to welcome him and shower him in the love that has been sorely missing from his early years. He simply needs the time to find them.

We hear so many stories of the ways in which rescue animals, just like Rafiki, have saved or transformed your lives. This makes it clear that regardless of whether we’re currently facing times of human crisis, we continue to have a duty to care for and protect these loving companions who brighten up our lives in so many ways.

Given the chance, Rafiki will change someone’s life. Let’s help him to achieve that by ensuring he stays safe throughout this pandemic.

NAWT’s project as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year, is to continue to improve the lives of homeless animals like Rafiki during the Coronavirus pandemic. From midday on 1st December 2020 – midday on 8th December 2020, every donation you make to our campaign on the Big Give website will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you.

Please help us in our mission to give back to all our furry companions, who have done so much for all of us this year, by supporting our Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal from midday on 1st December 2020.

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