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Donations Doubled for dogs like Fudge: learning to trust humans again and overcome his fears

In a scary year that has been both isolating and lonely for so many people, the companionship offered to us by our pets has become increasingly highlighted and celebrated.

This year, as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal where all donations will be doubled, we are raising money to pay back the debt we owe to these loyal, caring and faithful companions.

Never before have so many of us collectively felt the benefits that pets can bring to our physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s therefore only right that we help those animals who have been far less fortunate and fallen on hard times.

Animals like Fudge, a 6-year-old crossbreed who is the Hertfordshire centre’s longest staying canine resident. He has been at the centre for over half of his life, for 4 years in total he has stayed in kennels.

The upside to this however, is that Fudge is a very popular boy with all of the centre staff, they are his carers who love him and look after him until he finds a home. He knows the animal carers are his friends and he will greet them with a warm hello and a fuss.

He first came to NAWT as a young boy, who was a little too boisterous and playful for a man that had a new grandchild in his life and thought it was best to rehome him. It was too much of a risk that he might accidentally hurt the new baby when playing.

The team discovered that occasionally, poor little Fudge can have a bit of trouble trusting people, and sometimes thinks they will take things from him which has in turn, resulted in him having some guarding issues.

He can become quite fixated when given anything new, whether it’s a bowl or a toy. Therefore, if people are to go near the new object, he might get worried that they’re going to take it and will give off some warning signs such as a little grumble or growl.

Animal Care Assistant Ashley said: “We have been working hard on Fudge’s behavioural issues (specifically guarding), by desensitising him to new objects”.

“We’ve been providing him with new toys in one specific area - usually attached to the wall for the first week or two, until he is less intense with the object and then we are able to detach it from the wall. He’s been doing great at not guarding them when they are his to free roam with.”

Fudge was recently treated to a nice day out by Ashley and her colleague Matt. They took him to nearby Aldenham Country Park, Ashley describes the day fondly: “He was as good as gold! He walked around the reservoir calmly and stopped for a drink plenty of times. This fabulous day showed that, with the right care and control, he can behave very well.”

“We are all hoping that there is an experienced owner out there who, with support from NAWT, can give Fudge a chance and see how lovely he is. All he needs is some time to settle in a home and feel safe”.

“Anyone who is interested can see Fudge’s profile on the NAWT website and get in touch with our team by telephone”.  

Without an animal rescue centre available to care for him, and dedicated staff around to help him work through his behavioural issues, Fudge wouldn’t still be with us today. Thankfully, with your help, NAWT will continue to be here for animals like Fudge for as long as it takes.

Stories like this are an important reminder that no matter what is happening in the human world around us, our animal friends continue to rely on us, so it is our duty to protect and care for them.

This is why NAWT’s project as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year, is to continue to improve the lives of homeless animals during the Coronavirus pandemic. From midday on 1st December 2020 – until midday on 8th December 2020, every donation you make to our campaign on the Big Give website will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you.

Please help us in our mission to give back to all our furry companions, who have done so much for all of us this year, by supporting our Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal from midday on 1st December 2020.

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