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Dash, the sixth NAWT cat to be rehomed by Margaret, set to make TV debut

Did you watch the second episode of Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special tonight? Then you would have spotted the lovable duo Margaret and Dash in the Petplan ads!

Dash is the sixth cat to be rehomed from our Hertforshire rehoming centre by Margaret.

First it was long haired tabby Sammy, then feral tabby Tipsie, ginger tom Sandy and long and short-haired tabby sisters, Bonnie and Connie, who Margaret later discovered didn’t get along at all.

The last of the long line, Connie, died three months ago and so Margaret was ready to rehome another, and alighted upon handsome seven year-old Dash when she came to visit.

NAWT is the first rehoming charity in the UK to run the Open Paw for cats scheme, which encourages socialisation between animals and humans. All visitors like Margaret are allowed to come and visit the cats and feed them treats down a special chute, so that both cats and humans can get to know each other better.

While some rescue charities put an age limit on older people rehoming an animal, NAWT has no such limit, preferring to take the individual circumstances and needs of every animal and their new owner into consideration first.

Margaret, who is in her late 70s, prefers to rehome older cats, that are often overlooked, because she feels they love that little bit more once they are settled in to their new home.  

Soon after arriving at his new home, Dash has already managed to occupy pole position in the household and is settling in very well.

Could you do with a Dash of feline friendship in your life? Visit our cat rehoming page!

 Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special airs every night this week on Channel 4 from 8pm. 

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