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Covid-19 Casualties: Ella and Etta

Please don’t forget about the animals affected by this crisis, like Ella and Etta. Whilst NAWT centres are closed for lockdown, we are still receiving emergency calls for help when animals are left with nowhere else to go.

Lovely mature ladies Ella and Etta were devastated to find themselves homeless when their loving owner sadly lost her life to the awful Coronavirus in early April.

With no family around to care for these beautiful girls, an animal rescue centre would be the only place they could seek shelter. With a small selection of charities unable to help due to a reduced intake, the team at NAWT Clacton could see poor Ella and Etta were running out of options. If they didn’t accept these girls as an emergency case, their future looked bleak. So arrangements were made to quickly and safely accept them into our care.

Clearly forlorn to have lost their beloved owner of 11 years, it took Ella and Etta a little while to settle into cattery life. They missed their companion as well as their home comforts, so it was imperative that they were given lots of gentle love and care during this time of turmoil.

More than a month later, the girls are beginning to get used to cattery life but have made it clear that they prefer to have the additional space of a pen each.

Centre Manager, Lizzie, describes them:

“With rehoming on hold for the period of lockdown, Ella and Etta will be in our care for a prolonged period of time, but we’re hopeful that the right home will come along very soon after we re-open.

They are both lovely, affectionate girls with completely different personalities.

Etta is calm and quiet, and takes her time to get to know you. Whereas, Ella is immediately confident, energetic and talkative with everyone she meets.

They are both very well socialised, having lived in a loving home for most of their lives, and they are happy to be handled. In fact, both girls absolutely love a fuss and a groom.

I hope we’re able to re-open again soon, because these gorgeous older ladies truly deserve to enjoy their twilight years in a loving home.”

Please continue to help animals requiring emergency care, like Etta and Ella, by making a donation towards their ongoing care.

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