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Could you re-home one of these 12 leggy Lurchers?

From 40mph to a couch potato, have you met a long-legged, lovable Lurcher?

If you're wondering, Lurchers are the dogs described as a ‘small greyhound’ and in fact, they’re not a million miles away from the key greyhound features and personality traits.

Lurchers are affectionate, loving dogs with bags of character. 

They make fabulous pets, and despite the fact they can run at over 40 mph, they don't require you to spend most of your life out of the house exercising them! 

Lurchers are crossbreed sighthounds, so they come in all shapes, colours and sizes —from small smooth coated Whippet crosses to big hairy, rough-coated Deerhounds.

Unfortunately there are many unwanted Lurchers in rescues included the NAWT. Many Lurchers are used for lamping, a form of hunting, and are ‘disposed of’ once they are no longer useful to the owner. 

This means that lots of Lurchers come into our care as strays, after being found wandering the streets alone. We don't always know much about them before they enter our centres, but we do know that they're all very cute and very quirky. Meet our lovable Lurchers below! 


A handsome boy, Bear is looking for a home without other pets. Initially excitable and a good traveller, Bear would like to find an active family he can enjoy with his free spirit and love for life! Find out more here.


Despite being found as a stray, Prince is easy-going and very friend. He's a charming, attention hog who needs to be the only pet. Click here for more information.


Young lad Smokey in Somerset is a lovely natured chap who is polite and lively. He has a high prey drive and needs an owner that understands this. Find out more about him here.


Sweet Drake is shy initially and can be nervous around new people. He's looking for a patient and understanding owner who can help Drake with his anxiety. Be armed with tasty treats and he'll be sure to love you! Meet him here.


The first girlie on our list - Spring is a true reflection of her name. She can be seen walking with a spring in her step and has an infectious zest for life. She didn't have the best start, but she's hoping for a brighter future. Read her full story here.


Handsome Remy is a cheeky character with lots of energy. His favourite thing is to cool down and splash around in water! Do you have the home for him? Find out here.


After being a sickly puppy with Parvo, Audrey is lucky to be alive. Unforunately she misesd out on lots of key socialisation as a youngster and is now scared of lots of things. She's looking for an experienced owner who has no other pets at the moment. Meet her here.


Tia is a bouncy pooch who has lots of energy and lots of love! An intelligent girlie, Tia would benefit from attending reward based training classes in her new home to keep her mind and body active. Click here to find out more.


A small boy, Bernie is definitley a whippet cross. He came into our care as an unloved stray, and doesn't always put his best paw forward in making new friends. Once out of his kennel, however, Bernie is a happy pooch just hoping for someone to love him! Could it be you?


Kaleb is a strong lad looking for an adult only home in the Watford area. Intelligent and active, Kaleb enjoys learning new tricks and likes to impress his handler! If you're looking for a new best friend - click here.


Missy loves to be active and enjoys playing fetch. Missy can be a little nervous and takes a little while to bond, so would need a new owner who understands this. Find out more here.  


An overlooked Lurcher, Flower has been waiting at our Somerset centre for quite a while. She is affectionate and will make a great addition to the right family. She can be a little wary of new people but with sensible, slow introductions she can be kept calm. Click here for Flower's full information.


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