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CLAWgust Spotlight: Tom's Story

Today’s CLAWgust spotlight is on Tom and Angel, from our HULA centre. Tom (14 years old), and his mum, Angel (15 years old), didn’t have the best start when they arrived at our HULA centre. Tom and Angel’s collars were held on with cable ties, so tight that they had both lost all the fur around their necks. Sadly, it didn’t end there.

Tom had a terrible ear infection that had been left untreated for so long that his outer ear and ear canal had swollen up so much we couldn’t get drops in the hole to treat it. Angel had a bad tooth that had been left untreated so it turned into an abscess, which caused her face and eye to swell and become infected. After trying different treatment to help with Tom’s ear infection, the vets decided it was best to remove the ear and ear canal completely. When performing this procedure, the vet realised the infection didn’t stop in the ear canal but had spread further, so it was decided infected tissue also needed to be removed from around Tom’s skull.

Tom after surgery

The vets removed Angel’s tooth and treated the infection and she, luckily, recovered quickly.

Despite their trauma, Angel and Tom are the friendliest and most cuddly cats you’ll ever meet! Even when they were both unwell, they were still eager for fuss from the staff and volunteers.

Angel and Tom have both had multiple veterinary trips and medical treatment. Normally cats would not tolerate this for long, but Angel and Tom have remained so friendly throughout it all.

If you would like to contribute towards Angel and Tom’s veterinary care, you can do so here. Without your wonderful support, Tom and Angel wouldn’t have a place to go to get the care they need and find new homes. Thank you for changing pets lives.

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