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CLAWgust: How to find your perfect feline match

Lauren and her partner took rescue cat, Missie, home just four months ago and she's already proven how resiliant these amazing animals can be.

Lauren explains: "What an addition to our new life together Missie was.

"At first, she was extremely timid, hiding behind the sofa at any and all noises. However after her first few hours in our home she was snuggled in between us. We thought bingo! She has found her forever home.

"When she was taken into NAWT through no fault of her own or that of her previous owners, she was bald at the back of her body, tail, bum and underside of belly.

"Within weeks of being in the shelter, she gained a fair bit of hair back however, her bum was still very thin.

"After a little while of living with us, it was difficult to even tell she had been half a baldy! Her hair was growing back thick and fluffy and putting on weight. 

"From then on, she has certainly made herself at home and is now lady of the house, the little Missie Moo. Still a very timid and quiet moggy, she has taken to life in her new home like a fish to water.

"Snuggled on the sofa between us, pushing either one of us further out of the bed so she has more space or keeping herself to herself in her climbing tree.

"Also a very playful little girl, we often hear mad scratches whilst not watching her, turning round to see she has ping pong balls flying in the air, or chasing her light ball around its contraption.  

"Now brave enough to enjoy the garden, she roams for that perfect viewing spot.

"She is always so happy for us to come home, when we walk in the front door we call for her and we hear a little squeak in return to say 'I’m coming' she has the cutest squeak. 

"We think it is safe to say, she certainly has found her forever home, we love her dearly, and has taken the hearts of all of our family and friends."

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