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Clacton Cats find their fur-ever homes

Among staff, there’s no better feeling than when we see one of our long term residents find their perfect forever home. Sure, they become part of the furniture and we can become very attached to them, but it is so very rewarding when someone comes along and gives them the chance they deserve. So imagine how fantastic we’re feeling having waved goodbye to four of our longest residents at our Clacton cattery!

Betsy came to us after struggling to adapt to life with a newborn baby, and for a while, she could be a little grumpy! Some cats adjust to cattery life easier than others and, at first, Betsy needed a lot of patience and understanding to blossom into the beautiful cat we waved goodbye to. 

She became rather cuddly and loved having a brush to keep her looking fabulous. She also loved playing with her toys, and you could often catch her watching and chatting away to the birds. More than anything, she knew how beautiful she was and loved posing for the camera! 

Despite the positive changes to her personality, Betsy was still overlooked. We were delighted when after 580 days in our care, she headed off to her forever home. Within just one week, Betsy had settled right in and declared herself Scrabble champion in true Betsy style!

Sabrina found herself alone when her family moved away, leaving her behind. She found it difficult to trust people and didn’t rush into her friendships lightly. Sabrina isn’t the kind of cat who wants to be scooped up for cuddles, but she is a cat full of character.

She’s charming, sassy and like a lot of us, knows exactly what she wants! You could easily be mistaken for thinking Sabrina was bold and brave yet actually, she is rather a sensitive soul. Since the introduction of Open Paw within the NAWT cattery, Sabrina really came on leaps and bounds and we knew she was going to make a treasured addition to someone’s home. 

We were over the moon when after 688 days in our care, Sabrina finally stole a place in a heart and home to call her very own. For the first few days, she was very nervous and hid behind the sofa, just proving that she really is sensitive and her boldness was often an act. 

However, her new owner offered her the patience and kindness she needed to work out that life wasn’t so scary after all! Now she charges around the house like a racehorse and is turning into an energetic bundle of fun. Her personality is really starting to shine and she has already claimed her spot by the radiator! 

Lizzie and Becky came to us with their sister Coral, who was rehomed a while ago now. Unfortunately for the girls, we often find it takes longer to rehome black cats, especially those that are timid and nervous. 

Both Lizzie and Becky were very shy at first, and remained so for a while, often hiding away rather than wanting to interact. Since the introduction of Open Paw, both came on in confidence but especially so for Lizzie, who loved the feeding station chutes.

This gorgeous pair enjoyed each other’s company yet equally enjoyed their own space and so we were happy to rehome them together or individually. Our fantastic spell in the cattery continued as the girls got a home together after a whopping 870 days in our care.

It is very early days for the girls in their new home, and we know that it’s going to take them some time to adjust to the changes. We hope to have an update with some positive progress from them in the near future! 


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