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Change the lives of ponies like Inca with our Big Give Christmas Challenge Appeal

Emaciated and neglected, Inca arrived at NAWT following a life of maltreatment and hardship.

At 28 years old, Inca was removed from his owner by another rescue charity, when they found him so malnourished that he could barely stand.

Sadly, due to an ongoing court case with his owner and the fact that he wasn’t in a fit state to travel anywhere, Inca could not be responsibly rehomed to a loving family and was therefore destined to live out the rest of his life in rescue.

When this became apparent, NAWT received the request to offer him refuge at our purpose-built retirement centre for elderly pets, which is situated on a farm with ample space and facilities for farm and field animals.

Inca soon settled in nicely at NAWT and happily started to gain weight on his frail body. He even developed friendships with fellow resident ponies Tango and Dougal, and it was so wonderful to see that finally, he was enjoying life.

Staff, volunteers and visitors alike quickly fell head over heels in love with Inca. Everyone was so excited to transform this beautiful boy’s future into one filled with the love and happiness that had been so cruelly missing from his past.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck a few months later. Historic injuries to his leg flared up and he became unable to bear any weight on the leg. The vets tried a variety of options to ease poor Inca’s pain and to make him more comfortable, but it was soon clear that he was becoming increasingly stressed and the awful decision that no-one ever wants to make was made.

The kindest thing anyone could do now was to put Inca to sleep. As every animal lover will understand, no matter how many years a person spends caring for animals, decisions like these never get any easier, and the devastation could be felt across the whole farm when beautiful Inca made his peaceful departure.

Your support offered Inca a happiness and a sense of belonging for his last months on earth, which he’d never before had the opportunity to feel. You saved him from a lifetime of starvation and neglect and replaced it with love and friendship and care.

Whilst not being able to save an animal can be so very hard to come to terms with, great comfort can be taken from the knowledge that his last months on earth were happy ones and that he didn’t die alone, but in the arms of people who loved him. That’s the enormous difference your donations make to an animal’s life.

From this Giving Tuesday (3rd December) until Midday on 10th December, you can make your donation to change the lives of animals like Inca go even further! Every donation to our Christmas Challenge appeal with the Big Give will be DOUBLED at no extra cost to you. Please give what you can during this fantastic time to give and watch a £5 gift turn into a £10 donation!

The link to our Christmas Challenge appeal on the Big Give website is live now, but please wait until Midday on 3rd December to donate. Click here to give.

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