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Casey swaps hissing for chin rubs and playtime!

Casey came into the care of NAWT Hertfordshire in October 2020 as a pregnant stray. The team were told she was feral/semi feral, and her behaviour at the time suggested that this was indeed accurate.

So they made sure that Casey was comfortable by keeping handling to a minimum, as otherwise she would get very stressed, and would hiss and swipe at anyone who approached.

Once Casey had her kittens, the plan was to neuter and release her back to her colony. But although Casey was scared, as time went on, it became clear that she wasn’t actually behaving like a typical feral.

After Casey’s kittens had been weaned, she began sitting at the front of her pen watching the staff – something she had not dared to do before. She had been in their care for two months now, and was finally beginning to trust humans again.

They discovered that Casey loved to play, and decided to keep her a little longer to see if she was truly feral.

Lucas, one of the junior animal care leaders, spent a lot of time with Casey. He spent weeks just sitting in her company, without putting any pressure on her to interact with him. Casey loves her food, so between toys and treats, a bond was formed.

Nowadays, you can hear Casey spending most of her time playing loudly with her toys – the jingly ball and the tunnel are her favourites. When she’s not playing, she will sit at the front of her pen watching what the staff are doing.

Her trust in people has grown so much that she is happy for her carers to enter her pen, and will even come over and rub her chin on their hands – although actually stroking her can be a step too far if she doesn’t know you yet!

Four months after her arrival, Casey is finally confident enough to be adopted. Find out more about her by visiting her profile.

Sometimes, animals like Casey come to NAWT with more challenging behaviours. This means that more time will be needed for those behaviours to be worked on before they are put up for adoption. At NAWT, our policy will always be to give animals as long as they need to be ready to find their forever home.

If you’d like to help more animals like Casey (and canine husky Fluke) - by giving them the time they need to be ready to find their forever home, please click the Donate button below.

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