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Can you help animals like Mother and son - Mwlsen and Tyson?

The love between a mother and her son can be never-ending, and that special bond is true in many animals too.

This adorable pair are Mwlsen (pronounced Mulsen) and her son Tyson. They are 10 and 8 years old, and are both Staffordshire bull terrier crosses, who found themselves under the care of NAWT after their owner sadly passed away.

Mwlsen and Tyson are gentle, cheerful, love to cuddle, and are usually seen laying across the laps of the staff at our Berkshire centre, who just can’t get enough of their affection.

Both dogs share a deep joy for one another, and offer up their love and loyalty in return for ball games and hugs. Their calm temperaments and puppy eyes have truly captivated all the hearts of those caring for them, but unfortunately, their situation is far from ideal.

As part of the vet checks that all animals receive when they come into the care of NAWT, Mwlsen and Tyson were both booked in to see a specialist. The vet had already noticed Tyson’s back legs were skinnier than his front, but what they discovered regarding both dogs was worse than the staff had ever imagined. The team were shocked to find out that both were struggling through a huge amount of pain.

At the vets, Tyson was screaming and yelping when the vet was trying to examine and manipulate his back legs. With some careful testing, it was discovered that Tyson was suffering from bilateral hip dysplasia. This is a common but extremely painful condition, where the hip bones do not fit the hip joint, and has a devastating effect on a dog’s ability to walk.

Poor Tyson had been living with an incredible amount of unnecessary pain, but he is now taking pain relief medicine to help with easing the agony. He has also been referred for hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, in order to build up the muscles around his legs.

Mwlsens story is just as upsetting. Despite that from the outside, Mwlsen seems like a really happy dog, on the inside, her ovaries were being attacked by tumours. One of which was horrifically measured at 15cm in diameter. After an analysis, results showed that the tumours were what everyone feared the most: cancer.

The good news is, thanks to donations from our supporters we were able to have the tumours mostly removed, and with close monitoring, Mwlsen should recover as comfortable of a life as possible. However, her son Tyson will need ongoing care to make sure his legs can allow him to keep chasing his favourite toys.

It seems clear that the strong bond between mother and son has kept these dogs going throughout their turbulent time. Their treatments were expensive but necessary, and the team are determined to ensure the beautiful pair can stay together and live long, healthy lives.

Tyson has recently started his physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions to help with his legs. His hydrotherapist has said that he was a well-behaved boy, and is a natural in the water. His physiotherapy consists of walking over special surfaces in a repeated motion, helping to build the muscle in his back legs.

The veterinary care given to animals like Mwlsen and Tyson totals around £300,000 per year for our charity as a whole. We really need your help to pay for life-saving treatments like theirs, and give all the animals in our care the chance at as happy and healthy a life as is possible.

By giving £5 today, you will be contributing towards dogs like Mwlsen and Tyson (and cats like Zachary) having the medical treatment they need when they arrive at NAWT, and their continued veterinary care until they find their forever homes.

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P.S. If you think you could offer a home to this gorgeous mother and son, click here for more details.