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Bambi the ‘Mermaid Puppy’ – One year on

Last year, we introduced you to Bambi. This gorgeous young dog arrived at NAWT in harrowing circumstances, having been thrown from a moving van.

Malnourished, frightened and covered in sores, Bambi was in a bad way upon arrival into rescue. The worst of her ailments was a congenital disorder that had been left untreated since birth. This disorder left her knee joints sitting outside of their sockets and the pain of the condition had gotten so bad for Bambi that she was scared to put weight on her back legs. Instead, she had begun curling her whole back end underneath herself and limping, whilst dragging her weight mostly using her front legs. It was this unusual movement that led animal care staff to liken her to a mermaid.

Bambi was desperate for help to relieve her pain, and we appealed to you to change her life. Immediately you responded with enormous generosity and determination to give this little dog the happier future she deserved.

With a generous discount from Hamilton Specialist Referrals, Bambi has spent the year undergoing lengthy and expensive surgery, physio and aftercare. This returned her knees to the correct position in her back legs, rebuilt the muscle that had gradually worn away and straightened her back, which had been consistently curled under for a long time.

Bambi’s next challenge was to re-learn to walk, using her back legs, without fear of pain. It was imperative she learnt to use all four legs with a straight back, so that her body wouldn’t automatically revert to its previous way of walking, undoing all the hard work that had gone into her recovery.

Thankfully, Bambi had the assistance of a truly dedicated foster carer, Carol, who set aside hours of her time each day to work with Bambi on her aftercare. This included a selection of activities that encouraged Bambi to use her back legs.

Activities such as skateboarding… Yes, you read that right! To replicate the machines at the physio, which allowed Bambi to walk her back legs whilst her front legs remained stationery, she was going to need a skateboard! By placing her front paws on the skateboard, she could exercise her back legs in isolation. As you can imagine, this took a little training. But one thing we haven’t mentioned is that Carol also happens to be an excellent dog trainer. It wasn’t too long before Bambi began zooming about the house like Tony Hawk!

Thanks to you and your generous support of NAWT and this gorgeous little dog, Bambi’s future is bright. The little dog with a huge zest for life now has something to live for, and a big bright world to explore.

What happens now? Well of course Carol has fallen head over heels in love with Bambi like the rest of us! So this has led to a ‘failed fostering’, meaning of course that Bambi won’t be returning to rescue. Instead, she will continue to thrive in the loving home she has enjoyed for the last year with Carol and her three doggy siblings who have been busy teaching Bambi how to get into even more mischief with full mobility!

You gave Bambi her life back and a healthy future to live for, and for that we can’t thank you enough. We hope this short video will make your heart swell with pride at what your generous donations have achieved.

Please click here if you’d like to keep your local NAWT alive to continue helping abandoned dogs like Bambi in their fight for a happier future.

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